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The Latest Fleet of Moving Trucks in London, ON

Our machinery moving division has been supplying our customers with reliable service for over 35 years. It has grown substantially and now includes over 35 pieces of equipment. We service a wide range of customers’ equipment moving needs. As our customers continue to grow and their needs change, we continue to grow with them and strive to meet their needs to better serve them. Our equipment includes specialized floats – low-boy, landoll, trombone, as well as flatbed trailers, van trailers, roll-off trucks and tilt and load trucks. Our drivers are all reliable and professionally trained in the machinery they move. Ross Towing is fully licensed and insured to provide our customers with the safety and security they need when moving their equipment or cargo. Fill the eForm to learn more.

Specialized Tilt and Load Trucks

Our tilt and load trucks are equipped with steel decks which in addition to towing cars allow for moving small pieces of machinery and sea containers. The tilt and loads are ideal for moving empty and loaded sea containers because they come with a winch that allows them to pull the container onto the truck. The winch also allows them to pull on other pieces of machinery like forklifts or skid-steers that have broken down and need to be transported back to our customer for service.

transporting a private jet
flat bed tow truck
earth moving machine being transported
car being transported

Latest Roll-Off/Flatbed Trucks

Our flatbed/roll-off trucks are designed for moving all types of smaller construction equipment such as aerial lifts, scissor lifts, man lifts, boom lifts, skid-steers, forklifts, dozers etc. In addition to moving construction machinery, our drivers are experienced factory machinery and freight movers. We regularly transport generators, moulds, dyes, CNC machines, presses, steel and more. We have two specialized roll-off trucks that are equipped with a rolling tarp system that we used for weather-sensitive machinery. We supplement these with a full complement of blankets and tarps available for over-dimensional loads that need to be covered as well. Our roll-off trucks are also the perfect way to transport low-profile vehicles . Together with the rolling tarp system they are a unique way to move high-end or classic automobiles. 

Our roll-off trucks are equipped with a 28 ft deck that will back up to the dock or lay completely flat on the ground to allow for easy loading or unloading of machinery. Our tri-axle roll-off trucks are capable of carrying heavier loads up to 30,000 lbs and can move multiple pieces of equipment or forklifts at one time. As part of our machinery moving division we own several different size indoor and outdoor forklifts utilized for loading and unloading. We even have a paper clamp forklift for the hard to handle paper rolls.

Our Special Float Division

Ross’ Float Division has expanded rapidly over the past 10 years! Our fleet now contains 7 float tractors and 14 different use trailers. We have 4 landoll sliding axle type trailers, 4 low-boy or removable gooseneck trailers including a trombone trailer for extra-long loads and several van and flatbed trailers. We regularly move excavators, loaders, dozers, rollers, graders, backhoes and pavers. in and around the London area. We also move larger pieces of factory machinery and damaged trailers that can’t be towed safely down the road. Our trombone float trailer even stretches to accommodate a 53 ft trailer for transport. We are capable of moving a wide range of heavy-duty construction and road machinery equipment. 

From heavy loads to over width loads, we always try and accommodate our customer’s needs. Here's a comprehensive look of our fleet:

Removable Gooseneck/Low-Boy Trailers:

are used to move large construction machinery such as excavators, large aerial lifts, dozers, rollers, backhoes etc. They are generally used for moving heavier loads with height restrictions and are capable of moving loads up to 100,000 lbs.

Elgin and Landoll Tilt and Slide Trailer:

are used for large heavy machinery loads such as large booms, rollers, pavers, 40 ft containers, loads of multiple forklifts or aerial lifts, moulds or dies, telehandlers, zoom-booms, scissor lifts etc. Our tilt and load floats are outfitted with winches and are perfect for moving sea containers or other pieces of equipment that no longer run and need to be pulled on and moved or taken back for service.

Covered 6 Axle Trailer:

is used for weather-sensitive or very heavy loads. It is capable of moving heavy loads of steel or moulds and dies up to 85,000 lbs.

Trombone Trailer:

is used for large or heavy construction equipment with height and/or length restrictions. This float will expand to accommodate a 53 ft trailer in the belly of the float for transport. It is also used for excavators, dozers etc.

Flatbed and Van Trailers:

are used for moving freight and machinery. Our tri-axle van trailer even has tie-downs to better secure sensitive equipment and allows for the secure transportation of weather-sensitive loads.

Container being loaded onto the flat bed truck
side view of a flat bed truck
tractor being transported
container being transported
side view of a flat bed truck
container being transported
View of a flat bed truck
earth moving machine being transported

Same-Day Emergency Services

As you can see we have a wide variety of vehicles and equipment necessary to meet all our customers’ needs. We are always available to assist you with your freight or transportation requirements. When same-day service is essential for meeting your customers’ needs, Ross Towing and Transportation strives to exceed our customer’s expectations.

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