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Temporary Storage and Dock Facilities for Businesses in London, ON

Ross Towing rents weather-tight 20 ft and 40 ft sea containers. Our customers can use these for onsite storage of construction equipment or materials to prevent theft or damage. They are also used to move equipment from site to site. They are ideal for and used extensively by the construction industry. These all-steel sea containers provide added security. In addition to the weather tight containers, we can provide transportation to and from the different sites with our tilt & load or float trucks. You can reach us to find out more about our facilities.

Dock Facilities

Our Pond Mills facility has covered loading docks ideal for transferring loads or unloading trailers into secure storage. We have licensed forklift operators and several different types of forklifts on-site ready to transfer loads or redistribute weight. Our loading docks are an invaluable asset when a loaded trailer has been involved in an accident and the load needs to be transferred to a new truck or trailer for delivery. Finding a safe place to do a load shift is often difficult and having our cross-dock facility eliminates that problem for our customers.

Temporary Storage and Warehousing

Ross Towing's secured temporary storage warehouse is located at 995 Pond Mills Road, London, Ontario. It offers close proximity to both the 401 and 402 corridors for quicker response times and more efficient service. Our state-of-the-art facility opened in March of 2005 and includes over 1 acre for parking and secure storage. The facility includes seven 80 ft bays, complete with 14 ft shop doors and a digital infrared camera system. 

Secure storage is something we are familiar with and take very seriously. The secured compound is surrounded by an 8 ft high barbed wire fence while 16 digital infrared cameras record the perimeter and all points of entry on the property. The compound is equipped with nighttime lighting and access to the compound is strictly controlled. Electronic gates allow only authorized personnel access into the compound. The compound can be entered through two 30 ft wide electronically controlled gates. The gates remain closed at all times and close automatically after a vehicle has left the compound. There is a locked man gate close to the office for people to enter the compound and be escorted into the facility. The man gate is electronically controlled and kept locked at all times. It can only be opened by authorized office staff.

Indoor Storage Facility

Ross Towing is capable of temporary secure indoor storage for your cargo. We have approximately 4000 sq. ft of indoor, climate-controlled secure storage available to us. The interior of the building is monitored by nine infrared cameras, including three dedicated to the secured storage area. The temperature is monitored and controlled. The secure storage bay is complete with steel racking for temporary secured load storage.

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