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Light & Medium Duty Towing Services in London, Ontario

Ross Towing offers a full range of light and medium-duty trucks. This portion of our fleet includes one-ton, three-ton and tilt and load trucks. Our one-ton trucks are used for towing cars and small pick-ups. We utilized our three-ton trucks to tow heavier vans and cube vans. Our tilt and load or flatbed trucks move low profile, all-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive vehicles and motorcycles. We have 2 trucks equipped with special hinged decks that prevent damage when loading low profile or high-end cars. We also have one of the few underground trucks in the city capable of towing vehicles from underground parking structures. Reach us to get a quote.

Here's a list of vehicles and services that we offer:

Basic Towing

Accident Recovery

Winch Out Stuck Vehicles

Boosts & Unlocks

Tire Change

Tilt and Flatbed

Ross Towing And Transportation Services truck
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Side view of a tow truck
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Ross Tow truck
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view of professionals standing in front of their tow trucks
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Man handing a wire to his coworker who is standing on a crushed car
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