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State-of-the-Art Secured Storage Facility in London, ON

Ross Towing opened its second location at 1851 Pension Lane in 2012.  Secure storage is something we are familiar with and take very seriously. The secured compound is surrounded by an 8 ft high barbed wire fence while twenty-four digital infrared cameras record the perimeter and all points of entry on the property. The compound is equipped with nighttime lighting. Access to the compound is strictly controlled. Electronic gates allow only authorized personnel access into the compound. The compound can be entered through two 30 ft wide electronically-controlled gates. The gates remain closed at all times and close automatically after a vehicle has left the compound. There is a locked man gate close to the office for people to enter the compound and be escorted into the facility. The man gate is electronically controlled and kept locked at all times and can only be opened by office staff. You can contact us for more information.

If your vehicle has been impounded by a police department, the following is a general guideline of the necessary paperwork you will need in order to claim your vehicle.

To release a vehicle, you will need the following:

Plate number or last 6 digits of the vehicle identification number

Valid driver’s licence

Proof of ownership

All fees to be paid in cash, VISA, Mastercard, Debit

If a HOLD has been placed on your vehicle by any police agency, we must obtain a release from that agency prior to the vehicle being released.

For more information call Pension Lane directly at 519-451-0235

Impound Yard 1851 Pension Lane

Impound yard
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