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Emergency Oil Spill Response Services in London, ON

Ross Towing’s Quick Response Spills Unit is designed to reduce the environmental impact and financial strain in conjunction with your vehicle's recovery.  We are one of the few towing companies in Ontario licensed by the Ministry of the Environment to collect, handle and transport contaminated product spills.

To better serve our customers, it has become imperative to expand our operation to include a full-service environmental response and a clean-up service team. We provide clean-up support and equipment in addition to vehicle recovery and transportation. Contact us to find out more about our services.

Emergency Oil Spill Cleaning

In situations involving spills or potential leaks, our customers benefit from our modern equipment and the skill and expertise acquired from over 60 years in the transportation and recovery industry. As one of the first responders to the scene of an accident we are able to minimize the amount of fuel or oil spilled from the vehicle. We quickly contain the spill area to reduce the environmental impact and associated costs.

Pre-planned incident management is an important part of a company’s due diligence. Having the proper action plan in place with service providers who have the knowledge and tools to get the job done, along with quick action from Ross' Services can reduce the environmental clean-up. We are experienced at handling incidents involving fuel and oil spills at the scene of an accident and can be instrumental in providing your company with the necessary tools to contain the environmental incident.

Our Spills Response Unit allows us to transport all the necessary equipment to handle or contain a vehicle fuel or oil spill. This unit carries a wide variety of absorbent materials designed to contain and clean-up small and medium-sized spills.

We Take Care of Our Environment

An Environmental Response program is essential to limit and manage the scene of an accident where hydrocarbons have been spilt.

Our Environmental Response Units contain:

Fuel Transfer Pumps

Sealed Containers

Over-Pack Barrels

Portable Lighting



Portable Generators

Plugs and Sealing Materials

Various Absorbent Materials

Big Scale Clean-Ups

In addition to the Quick Response Unit, we are experienced and have the equipment and resources necessary to clean-up after a spill has occurred. Our roll-off trucks are designed to carry our roll-off bins and sealed containers. We are licensed by the Ministry of the Environment to transport hydrocarbon contaminated soil or liquid to the dumpsite or store it at our facility while waiting for testing. We have a Skid-steer, Kubota Tractor Backhoe and 580 Case Tractor Backhoe available to dig out the contaminated soil and replace it with new clean soil. Together with several qualified contractors in the area, we are available to meet all your spill response needs for larger clean-ups.

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